Healthy Children

Healthy Children

Happy, healthy children throughout the year!


Happy, Healthy SCHOOL Children!

Healthy children cannot wait until the school finally starts and a new year full of exciting experiences at school begins. But what to do if your child is not looking forward to going to school?

Parents ask:

  • Will my child enjoy going to school or will it be afraid of school?
  • Will my child be loved or teased by classmates?
  • Is my child active and eager to go to school, or is it suffering under the pressure to perform at school and the social pressure?
  • Is my child healthy and will it not get infected easily, or is my child constantly ill and brings home an infection easily?

All these issues can be traced back to a healthy, strong immune system. Whether physical, emotional or mental influences, the immune system holds the answer to happy, healthy, active children.

Parents answer:

Every mother, every father is worried about how the child will cope with the experiences at school. They wonder how it will withstand the demands and the school stress of everyday school life. Here are recommendations that I give to my children and grandchildren. I packed these recommendations in a booklet and offer it warmly to every mother, every father, every grandparent or guardian. Mother Nature has the answer to all these questions.

protect your children from germs


You might be asking how “Mother Nature” can help your child when it is afraid to go to school due to rough classmates who bully your child? Here is a story, once told by our health practitioner Rudi Pieknik at a Young Living Seminar.

A mother arrived with her child for counseling in his practice. The boy did not want to go to school. He was afraid of going to school. He was overweight, and because he could not keep up with the others, his schoolmates would tease him constantly. Every day the boy was afraid to go to school!

The health practitioner advised the mother to rub a special “courage” oil on her son’s feet evenings and mornings, and to see what would happen. So mother and son rubbed every morning and evening the feet with this deliciously scented “courage” oil, and not long after, the situation changed. The schoolmates continued to tease him, but he did not respond, and took no notice of them. This spoiled the fun of bullying, of course, and it was not long until the troublemakers settled down for good.

The mother later told that the boy had totally changed. He now enjoyed going to school. The classmates showed respect for him, and he had even begun to practice sport and to reduce weight. My question to you: Does Mother Nature have all the tools to make us happy?

Find out for yourself! Get the booklet with suggestions on how to build the immune system of your child up naturally, effectively and lasting. We all want happy, healthy children!

From our family to yours: Happy, healthy children!

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