Obtain Emotional Freedom with Inner Child

Obtain Emotional Freedom with Inner Child

Use Inner Child To Get The Emotional Freedom That You Want!

Essential oils are so powerful. You can use them daily because it is good for emotional health and balance. It is so efficient to use for your body. One simple way to help resolve your emotional issues, you can use Inner Child essential oil blend and combine it with some restorative yoga poses. Inner Child essential oil blend also helps you reduce the heavy and hurtful issues on your childhood that you have in mind.

Using Inner Child can help you obtain the emotional freedom that you want. Here is a simple exercise with the use of Inner Child that you can practice:

Prepare for the Inner Child essential oil blend and also prepares the clear intention of your breath. As you have your intention, this essential oil blend will enter the part of your brain where you store all of your childhood memories. Memories that are good, bad, and neutral. Think of the time where you visit your internal landscape, and this exercise will help you clear out all your childhood memories that hurt and hunt you. Keep in mind that your intention is your powerful tool in making this exercise a success.

Inner Child

Then, lie on your back with your bending knees. Your knees should be touching each other. And when you feel any pressure on your lower back, just rolled-up blanket or place a firm pillow under your knees to help you relieve it.

  • Part One: Have a more internal experience by inhaling Inner Child essential oil blend. The first thing you have to do is place a few drops of the oil blend into your left palm and rub it gently with both hands for three times. Inhale Inner Child essential oil blend while your eyes are closed (you can use pillow to cover your eyes. With an even, center, and steady breathing. Fully expel all the air that you have in your lungs when you exhale and make sure to pause for two counts before you inhale again. Keep doing this process of inhalation for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Part Two: Doing the same process like applying the Inner Child to your left palm and gently rub it in both hands. But this time, rub the blend on your lower belly. The proper placement of your hands should be, right hand on your lower belly and left hand on your forehead while continuing your breath. Inhale and exhale the same manner as before while your eyes are closed.

This simple hand placement is known as Polarity Therapy technique, a self-healing that is used for calming the mind. In a perspective of your mind/body, your old consciousness was represented by your belly button and was clearly a physical connection to your mother. While your forehead represents your new consciousness.

Roll over onto your right side when you think that you are complete. Place your knees closer to your chest. Have a pause for five to 10 breathes in a fetal position. Push your upper body into a seated position by placing your hands on the floor. Make sure that in pushing up, your head should be the last to come up.

When you think that you are already seated comfortably, inhale the Inner Child essential oil from your palm once again. Release all the unwanted emotions and thoughts that you have while exhaling. Bring your arms out and put over your head with palms touching each other on your next inhale. Then when you exhale, make your hands in a prayer position and your thumbs touching your chest. Take some time to feel in your heart, then smile, and give thanks and gratitude for all the blessings that you have in your life.

Taking time to go within and clearing out all the negative and unwanted memories and emotions from your past will help you build an emotional freedom outside. Do this easy way to have a clean slate with the using of the perfect oil blend, Inner Child.

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