Lavender Recipes

Lavender Recipes

Lavender-Calendula Salve

  • 2 dl cold-pressed organic safflower oil
  • 185 g cocoa butter
  • 175 g shea butter
  • 16 g dried calendula flowers
  • 25 g dried lavender flowers

Melt the fats on a water bath, add herbs, let sit on low heat for 1.5 hours, strain. Use a syringe to spritz the still-hot herbal salve into jars, put into the fridge to set.

Calendula – Lavender Oil

  • 6 dl clear rapsseed oil
  • 1 dl cold-pressed organic wheatgerm oil (for the vitamin E)
  • 25 g dried lavender flowers
  • 12 g dried calendula flowers

Let sit on a water bath for 1.5 hours, let cool, strain by wringing oil’n’herb through cheesecloth.

Lavender Vinegar for Cleaning

“I make a vinegar infusion with lavender or orange peel and distilled white vinegar (my ‘cleaning’ vinegar). I use it throughout the house and it has become my favorite cleaning product.”

“I use sodium bicarbonate with lavender oil in the kitchen and bath. It is great for neutralizing odors in addition to being a gentle, though very effective scrub.”

“Have you tried equal parts bicarbonate with powdered sage with a drip of essential oils of tea tree, lavender or peppermint as a tooth powder? Even my kids like it and their teeth are gleaming.”

Source: Henriettes Herbal Blog


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