The Power of Aroma

The Power of Aroma

The power of aroma is strong it can replace negative emotions into positive.

Aroma has something to do with memories. It can trigger your memories and can also bring back your memories. It is because when you smell something for the first time, your brain is creating some association from that smell to your experience. Whatever you are feeling at that moment you smell the aroma, whether it is a positive or negative emotion, your brain automatically attaches that to the smell. So, when you smell that scent again, you will also feel the emotion or experience associated with that smell.

It is the same way with aromatherapy. The use of aromatic plants for wellness acts like how our brain reacts to the smell. Aromatic plant oil can also trigger the sense of an emotion when breathe in. It can release negative emotions such grief, anger, or sadness and can be replaced with positive emotions like peace, comfort, calmness, and joy.

To get rid of those unwanted and negative emotions, here are few practical uses of Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils. You can use Joy and Release oil blends to replace those with your desired positive emotions. Here are some simple steps:

  • The Power of AromaYou can try adding a few drops of Joy essential oil blend to your bath water. This will help you uplift your mood before starting your day.
  • Joy oil blend can also help you create, enhance, and invigorate positive emotions through putting some drops on the crown of your head.
  • You can release the heat of your body and can feel emotions calm by placing a few drops of Release oil blend over the liver and hold it for some time.
  • Apply a drop of Release on your heart to get away with the negative emotions trying to creep back.
  • To help you move stale air inside the house, diffuse Release for a time, followed by Joy essential oil blend.

You can also use these two powerful essential oil blends in having a great whole day free of stress. Start using it in the morning when you get out of your bed. Grab and use Joy essential oil blend to empower you in facing the challenges of the day. Prepare your body for your first waking moments, both spiritually and emotionally.

You can have a smooth day with the use of the right combination of essential oils. At the end of the day, use Release oil blend to clear and let go of any unwanted experiences you had throughout the day. Sleep tight and wake up well and start your day again with Joy.

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