Pregnancy With Feelings Essential Oil Kit

Pregnancy With Feelings Essential Oil Kit

Pregnancy Is Comforting With The Feelings Essential Oil Kit

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in the life of a woman. It is a sacred and special time to bring a child into this world. However, pregnancy also causes feelings and emotions to change. These changes can be experienced differently by each woman. She may feel the changes right away or later.

Here are some changes that you might experience during your pregnancy. And presented in each change are Young Living’s Feelings Kit essential oils that may help you adapt to or ease the changes.

Tension and Stress

Tension and stress will be present in your pregnancy. You will worry if you are ready for that change in your life or if the baby is fine inside your womb. Use Harmony essential oil to help you let go of those tensions, stress and fear. Apply this oil to the sides of your body. You can enjoy the pregnancy and positive emotions easier by using this wonderful essential oil blend Harmony.


Stress and tension can drain you. You may lose energy while adapting to changes during pregnancy. And this may cause emotional energy blocks in your body. To avoid the feeling of being worn out, just use Young Living’s Valor essential oil. Apply a drop to your shoulder to help you have more strength that you will need in facing these emotional changes in your pregnancy. This essential oil blend can improve your energy level while at the same time letting go of emotional blocks that you might be experiencing.


It is normal to be afraid, especiall when you are pregnant for the first time. Of course, you will worry about the baby’s development inside you. And you will feel afraid by the thought of the labor and delivery process too. Fear of the unknown or fearful memories of previous pain during delivery are a normal emotion that about every woman will experience during pregnancy. To ease this feeling of fear, use Release essential oil and apply it to your head. It will help you release and let go the feeling of fear and will foster positive emotions.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is a well known fact during pregnancy. During your pregnancy, you will experience hormonal changes in your body. This may affect different areas of your body like stomach, kidneys, or liver. Changes in hormones may result in discharging toxins off your body that may affect the balancing of emotions. Bring back your emotional balance by applying Present Time essential oil at the back of your neck. This oil can also release emotional blocks and can ground your body.

Inner ChildNervousness and Frustration

Pregnant women can also feel nervous and frustrated because of the physiological changes that they are experiencing. To avoid the feeling of nervousness and frustration, you can use Inner Child essential oil. Simply put Inner Child under your nose. Doing this will help ease your mind. This oil may stimulate your memory to reconnect with your inner self. Using this oil blend can bring joy to your mind, heart, and emotions. It can also help you stabilize your emotions.

Ups and Downs

You might experience hard times during your pregnancy, and that will cause you to be down and sad. You may experience difficulty in calming down. Fight this feeling with the use of Forgiveness essential oil. Just apply the oil blend to your chest and you will feel the feeling of lightness in your heart. Forgiveness essential oil can help you improve the attitude and your well-being.

These simple, easy and quick steps can help you get along better with all the changes in pregnancy. Cope with  these emotional and physical changes during your pregnancy unsing the Young Living Feelings Kit. Use these essential oils to help you enjoy your pregnancy.

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