3 Ways to Make Your Rare Oils Last

3 Ways to Make Your Rare Oils Last

Make Your Rare Oils Last When They Are Available On Season!


How do you store rare oils that are only available on a seasonal basis? Essential oils that are difficult to find usually aer in low supply and big demand. And most people want to make these rare oils last.

Young Living always offers the best, most effective, and purest essential oils without compromising its quality. So, here are three steps on how to keep your high quality essential oils when they are available and how to make them last for all year:


Heighten and boost the aroma of your essential oils by using it when your cooking. Bring these Young Living oils into your kitchen and spice up your favorite dish. You can add the flavorful Basil essential oil into your pasta sauce. Or drop a few drops of Jade Lemon into your drinking water and enjoy its magic fresh taste!


Create your own personal and home care products. This activity will be more fun when you incorporate essential oils. You can make great gifts and add some amazing aroma to your crafts. Make your own body scrub with Frankincense and Lavender. Or enjoy your homemade body moisturizer with Sandalwood, Royal Hawaiian™, Geranium, and Lavender.


Diffuse your essential oils using the impressive diffusers from Young Living. It is one of the great ways to make use of your oils in a much larger area. This method is the most convenient and effective technique to make your rare oils last in an affordable way. Invest in a powerful Young Living diffuser now! You can try the AromaLux™ diffuser in your living room, a Bamboo Diffuser in your kitchen, a Rainstone diffuser in your bedroom, a Home Diffuser for your bathroom or guest room, an Aria diffuser for your office area, and a USB diffuser to always use on the road.

Get the most out of your rare oils when they are available. Use them and stretch their benefit to last longer!

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