Rose Oil

Rose Oil

Rose Oil is another treasured and commonly adulterated oil because it is in such high demand. For your therapeutic grade essential rose oil, see my Rose Collection. You can imagine, producing the purest of oils is very costly and may require several hundred or thousands of pounds of plants to extract one pound of oil.

“5,000 pound of rose petals are required to produce 1 pound of rose oil.”

There is only one company in the world, who cares about the quality of its essential oils so much, that it would go through the effort of growing, harvesting, distilling, formulating, and marketing its oils, all under one roof! Young Living Essential Oils!

Beware of health dangers in adulterated oils!

Thank you for taking the time to discover the secrets of pure, unadulterated, therapeutic-grade essential oil. You are among the few enlightened ones who know truth when they see it and feel the difference. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions!


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