Scents of Autumn at Home Using Essential Oils

Scents of Autumn at Home Using Essential Oils

Enjoy The Scents Of Autumn Even Inside Your Home Using Essential Oils!


Scents of autumn – it’s the nostalgic smell that you want to have also inside your home. Fill your home with the sweet and spicy aroma with the use of Young Living essential oils. These oils can provide you with meditative and warm scents, as well as invigorating and uplifiting ones.

Cinnamon Bark and Myrrh essential oils are among the oils that you can diffuse to achieve the scents of autumn in your home.

cinnamon barkCinnamon Bark

The spicy aroma of Cinnamon Bark is perfect to uplift your home’s atmosphere. This essential oil provides many wellness benefits as it is the key component of the beloved Thieves essential oil blend. You can use cinnamon to invite calmness and relaxation by diffusing it in your home. Cinnamon Bark can also be applied topically (dilute it with V-6 Massage Oil becasue cinnamon is a hot oil), or can be taken internally by diluting it at a 1:4 ratio (1 drop cinnamon oil to 4 drops V-6 Mixing Oil). You can also use this oil to add some spice to your recipes: Just add 1-2 drops when your recipe calls for cinnomon.


Myrrh essential oil comes from the Somali myrrh tree. It is known and traditionally used in promoting spirituality because of its smoky and uplifting aroma. Its balsamic aroma is also the reason why it is perfect to invite the scent of fall in your home. You can also use this oil in your skin-care regimen because it has the power to tone your skin, making a youthful-looking complexion. Mix this oil in your morning or evening moisturizer. Or have a peaceful time during your meditation and prayer by smelling myrrh essential oil.

Visit Young Living now and search for Cinnamon Bark and Myrrh essential oils so you too can use them to fill your home with great scents. Enjoy the smell of autumn outside and inside your home.

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