Slique Products

Slique Products

SLIQUE Products: Slique and Slim for Summertime

Slique Products to the rescue! Need to be slique and slim for reunion? Are excess winter pounds offending you and you are dreading summer? Want to be comfortable in your shorts and bathing suit!


Slique products from Young Living are a simple and effective support system to help you achieve your ideal weight and scultp your body naturally. These products are no gimmicks. They are not stimulants that leave you jiggery and hyped. Slique products nourish you so you won’t be starving. And of course, Slique products do not contain synthetic sugars.

Slique products taste delicious and make easy snacks anywhere, anytime.

I always have a Balance Complete in a shaker cup and NingXia Packet in my car just in case my blood sugar drops and I need something … FAST.


Slique Products from Young Living

Our Line Of Fine Slique Support Nutrition Consists Of:

  • The legendary Ningxia Red Wolfberry juice – the world’s #1 antioxidant juice on the market.
  • Balance Complete is a meal replacement rich in micronutrients, that the body so desperately needs.
  • The Slique Tea is a powerful and great tasting purifying beverage.
  • Slique Essence is a nutritional supplement as well as a body oil for massaging.
  • Slique Bars are the perfect nutrition in bewteen meals and on the go.
  • And the Slique Jewing Gum with frankincense cleanses not only the teeth, it is healthy to chew on, satisfies the appetite and cleanses the body gently but effectively.

Find Out How Slique Products Can Support Your Weight Loss Goals:

  • What purpose do Slique Products serve?
  • What makes Young Living’s Slique Program different from other weight management programs on the market?
  • What are the special ingredients in Slique Products that make weight drop fast?
  • What will I eat so I won’t have to starve?

Get Your Slique Guide! Experience The Difference!

Ask me for the Slique Products from Young Living! I have a step-by-step Slique Guide for you to help you win back your perfect shape. Nothing is left to chance. And you won’t have to starve – just the opposite! Your body will finally get the nutrition and support it needs to loose excess weight. Contact me now!


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