Summer Essential Oils

Summer Essential Oils

Discover Young Living’s Essential Oils

Essential oils will help you get along with the summer heat. Learn more about these essential oils and how it can help you.

Sometimes, we can’t take the summer heat anymore that we are always finding a way on how to make our days cool. Doing outdoor activities can also be a difficult time. Good thing! There are essential oils that can help us make these activities possible. Use these essential oils to uplift your mind and body this summer!

White Fir

Lift your mind and connect with your spiritual influences using White Fir essential oil. This oil has a remarkable woodsy and evergreen aroma that is perfect for your summer. It will also help you soothes your muscles after working out or going with a strenuous activity because of its rich soothing compounds.

Eucalyptus Blue

Get the opportunity to experience the purifying and balanced scent of Eucalyptus Blue essential oil. With so much care, it is grown and harvested on farm in Ecuador. This oil is also perfect even to those who are sensitive to other eucalyptus oils. Use this oil to pamper yourself for a spa treatment or rejuvenate with a sports massage. This can also help lift spirits and refresh your mind by diffusing or directly inhaling it.

Peppermint Essential OilPeppermint

Peppermint is a perennial favorite essential oil of Young Living. It has the power to refresh the mind with its invigorating and minty aroma. Peppermint essential oil when applied topically will give you the powerful cooling effect because of its high menthol content. It can also help you comfort your tired and tight muscles after doing a physical activity.

These Young Living essential oils are perfect for summer. Use them and beat the heat this August!

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