Chamomile Tea: New Evidence Supports Health Benefits

Chamomile Tea: New Evidence Supports Health Benefits

Chamomile Tea: New Evidence Supports Health Benefits

For centuries, people who’ve felt sick or stressed have tried drinking chamomile tea as a medicinal cure-all. Now, researchers in England have found new evidence that the popular herbal tea may actually help relieve a wide range of health ailments, including colds and menstrual cramps. Their study is scheduled to appear in the Jan. 26 issue of the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, one of the Society’s peer-reviewed journals. ACS is the world’s largest scientific society.

The herbal plant used in this study was German chamomile (Matricaria recutita), whose flowers and leaves are brewed as a fragrant, flavorful tea. The study involved fourteen volunteers (seven women and seven men) who each drank five cups of the herbal tea daily for two consecutive weeks. Daily urine samples were taken and tested throughout the study, both before and after drinking chamomile tea.

To summarize, researchers found that chamomile:

  • shows increased antibacterial activity
  • boosts the immune system and fight infections associated with colds
  • relieves muscle spasms
  • helpful in relieving menstrual cramps in women
  • acts as a nerve relaxant; chamomile tea acts as a mild sedative

Source: American Chemical Society



Warfarin And Chamomile Should Not Be Taken Together

A recent case study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal points to the potential dangers of using chamomile products while taking warfarin.

Warfarin, also called Coumadin and Marevan, is an anticoagulant that is often prescribed for people who are at risk of suffering from thrombosis and embolism. Chamomile is thought to be a constituent of coumarin, and coumarin is a precursor to warfarin. So theoretically, chamomile can also act as an anticoagulant of sorts in the body.

When warfarin and chamomile are used at the same time, it’s possible that a person may be at risk of experiencing uncontrollable bleeding… Read on

Source: Dr. Ben Kim, Health Warnings


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