Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

Here Are A Few Tips To Have A Better Night’s Sleep!


A better night’s sleep can improve your life greatly. It makes a difference waking up in the morning after a sound sleep. You feel ready to start the new day. Your mood is up and you are ready to make a memorable day.

Here are some tips for a better nights sleep:

Prepare For The Night While

  • Be consistent. It is important to know that waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day can help you achieve a better sleep at night. This strategy of consistency can help you reinforce your sleep-wake cycle. Remember to do this even on weekends.
  • Daylight means more time to spend outside.
  • Enjoy your day and use StressAway Roll-On for its relaxing effect. You can apply this essential oil on your temples, wrists, or at the back of your neck.
  • Remain cool throughout your day.
  • Avoid having long naps during the afternoon. When you want to take a nap, just limit it to 15-20 minutes.
  • After your nap in the midafternoon, drink NingXia Nitro for some pick-me-up.
  • Getting some exercise for 20-30 minutes can also help you sleep better at night. But keep in mind that you have to avoid exercising too close to your bedtime.

SleepEssenceBefore-Bed Routine That You Should Follow

  • Create your own before bedtime routine that you will do consistently. You have to practice doing the same things at night that will tell your body it is time to sleep.
  • Do some restful activities and associate those with your sleep.
  • You can use SleepEssence that encourages good night’s sleep. This product has Vetiver, Lavender, Valerian, and Ruta essential oils. Melatonin is present also that can help you sleep better. Take Sleep Essence 30-60 minutes before going to sleep.
  • Before going to bed, enjoy a warm shower or bath. For more calming effects, put 1-2 drops of Angelica or Lavender into your bath water.
  • Avoid eating a big meal when you are hungry at night before bedtime. Instead, eat a satisfying and healthy snack such as Wolfberry Crisp or Slique Bar.
  • You can improve a good night’s sleep when you refreain from looking at electronic screens for an hour before going to sleep.

Enjoy these tips for a better nights sleep!

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