Titanium Cookware

Titanium Cookware

Titanium CookwareThe Young Living Titanium Cookware is a selection of the highest quality Titanium Pans available on the market. These pans are especially imported from Europe for our Young Living customers and distributors. Healthy living and healthy cooking is our philosophy. We just don’t use toxic pans.

To understand the quality and the difference of “titanium pans” and our highest quality Titanium Cookware – just compare our Cookware Guarantee with other titanium pans on the market. You’ll quickly see the difference! There are several competing companies offering titanium cookware. Some pans even come from China.

An Investment for Life …

I bought some ‘titanium pans’ that were not cheap, but they did cost a little less than the Young Living Titanium Cookware from Europe. I was sure that you will ask me what makes my pans better to warrant the cost. The truth is – believe me, I went through it – in the end the inferior pans will cost you much more than if you had invested in a Premium Titanium Pan.
And yes, they all say their ware is ‘premium’. That’s why it’s so hard to find the right pan! The first meal I cooked in the ‘less expensive’ pan made it clear to me: These inferior pans were not worth their money. The meat did stick; I had to wash the pan the hard way (i.e., scrub it – which I am not used to do anymore since I own Young Living’s Titanium Cookware). And the pan was scratched after its first use! I don’t know about you, but I throw away anything that is scratched… and this pan went in the trash after its very first use!

A Trusted Source To Buy

It’s heartbreaking to have people come to me for help, exchanging their titanium pans that they had bought at a fair. I have heard all complaints: The surface peels. The meat sticks to the pan. The pan warps, or the handle is broken. Please understand, I cannot exchange your pans if you have not bought them from me. There is unfortunately nothing I can do. One day you will have to invest in a new Titanium Pan. Then remember this site – Bookmark This Site. Make sure you get the best Titanium Cookware! After all, if you get the right pan, it will be an investment for life.
The most frequently asked question by health conscious consumers is always: Does it contain Teflon™? The answer is straight forward.

>Does it contain Teflon™?

NO. Our Titanium Cookware does not contain Teflon™. The Young Living Titanium Pans do not have Teflon™, or Ceramic mixed with Titanium. Our Titanium Pans are Titanium only! It is not coated with a non-stick surface, but is a true Titanium Pan.
Be careful when you buy a titanium pan, says Frank D. of cheerful.com. Cookware that supposedly does not contain Teflon™, may have generic Teflon™, when it has a non stick surface. PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) when purchased from Depont is Teflon™; when purchased elsewhere it’s not Teflon™, but it has the same chemical compound.

Remember, the Young Living family of customers and distributors is a health-loving bunch of people. We take responsibility for our own health. We use our healthy Titanium cookware, and we cook healthy (with less or no fat). If you feel like us, join our Young Living family with confidence. If you have not read the article yet – EPA Declares Teflon™ Carcinogenic – click to read.

How Our Titanium Cookware Is Different:

  • Our German precision crafted titanium-coated pans feature an abrasion-resistant frying surface. That means you can stir without worrying to scratch the new pan! It makes for easy cleaning too.
  • The designer heat-resistant handle gives you not only a secure grip, it is designed for robust use. There is nothing so irritating than a burnt and loose handle, isn’t it?
  • The special thermobasic base of your premium Eurolux Titanium Cookware is impossible to warp, even after years of use. My pans still look like new – without a scratch – after many years of daily use.
  • In addition, our Titanium Pans have a cast aluminum core. This core conducts heat seven times faster than iron or steel! This allows for optimal heat distribution and evenly cooked meals. It allows you to cook with no oil or water, and food will not burn.

While other cookware warps and cracks …

The Titanium Pans sold by Young Living came about in response to cookware that is poorly crafted and unreliable. Lower quality cookware warps and cracks. Over time the cooking surface can develop abrasions, causing food to burn and stick. The thermobasic base of our Titanium Cookware makes the pans impossible to warp, even with extended use over 25 years.

There is a solid and liberal manufacturer’s warranty on our Titanium pots and pans. Should anything break, simply contact a Customer Service Representative to arrange for a replacement pot or pan.

The Young Living cookware has a titanium coated, abrasion-resistant frying surface. Food does not stick. You can cook with little or no oil and you can even use metal utensils to stir. Please Note: All Lids Are Sold Separately.

My Cooking Tip: Be sure to select the matching lid that fits your new Titanium Pan. In order to cook meat to perfection – you may not believe it – just place the meat (with or without fat or water) in the pan, then cover the pan with the lid. After a short while you will find that the meat is nicely browned, and wonderfully juicy. So don’t forget to order your lid!


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