Use Essential Oils Effectively (Part 1)

Use Essential Oils Effectively (Part 1)

Use Essential Oils Effectively And Reap The Benefits!

Use essential oils effectively and enjoy the benefits they offer. Young Living essential oils help support your body’s natural processes. Therapeutic-grade essential oils are not only used for aromatic purposes, but also to effectively and safely support your body. They are nature’s precious gifts to mankind.

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Basic guidelines to use essential oils effectively:

  • Your response to using essential oils depends on your blood type, daily diet, stress levels, exposure to toxins, and exercise or activity levels. Your experience may differ from other people’s experiences, and you may respond to the benefits and results of essential oil differently. It will also depend on the state of balance of your body and your individual constitution.
  • Patch test a specific oil if it is your first time you apply essential oils directly to your skin. Some people are more sensitive than others. Your reaction may be different from other individuals’ reaction. When doing a test, apply a small amount of essential oil to your arm to determine the general response of your skin to the oil. Also remember that some oils are hotter in nature like thyme, cassia, oregano and cinnamon bark and can cause a burning sensation. Each drop of a “hot” essential oil should be diluted with 4 drops of V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex (our massage oil base).
  • If you are pregnant or take medications, consult with your physician regarding the use of essential oils.
  • When you accidentally touch your eyes with an essential oil on your fingers, do not use water or soap to wash away the essential oil. Just use V-6 Mixing Oil.
  • Remember that the safest location to apply essential oils are the bottom of your feet. It is also a very effective way.
  • To use essential oils effectively, just use them moderately. Why? Because these pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils are highly concentrated. When using essential oil, remember that a little amount goes a long way. Essential oils are very powerful.
  • Using Young Living essential oils is even more effective when you support it with a healthy lifestyle. Create balance in your body. Eat fresh foods, exercise, drink plenty of water, and get plenty of sleep.

You can follow these basic guidelines to use essential oils effectively.

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